fo duh homies

fo duh homies





Philadelphia based fiber artist Erin M. Riley is tackling taboo issues with her loom. She’s capturing the issues of today’s generation with very old school traditional form of storytelling. Her threads weave together depictions of female sexuality, drug use, birth control, car crashes, selfies, among others. The results of which are breathtaking in a very perverse way - most of the images will make you feel as if you’re sneaking a peek at private photos on someones phone, the element of being privy to what’s going on behind the scene but not being talked about - and at second glance you can’t help but stare in awe at the painstaking efforts that go into her work. 

Erin’s work will be showing at Philadelphia based Paradigm Gallery + Studio from August 30th - October 12th, 2013. Hope you can make it out, these tapestries are sure to stir up a dialogue.


Morning Sex

No, I do not wanna fuck you in the morning. I just woke up, don’t fucking touch me. I gotta take a piss, I’m hungry, now I got fuckin zombie dick breath and so do you. I don’t want that shit in my face. Not this morning. Enjoy your morning wood in the shower, cause I’m not joining you in there either. That’s me time. Me time.

Oh Daniel

Fuck wid it

Fuck wid it